DP800A Power Supply Promotion 6/30/2017 12:00:00 AM

The DP800 Series Power Supplies combine the ability to source, analyze, and coordinate over time on a powerful platform. The DP800 Series is a family of linear power supplies systems with 1, 2, or 3 outputs and 140 to 200 Watts in total. With one channel isolated users can reconfigure instruments into any number of systems or applications. Built in V, A, and W measurements make power monitoring easy, but additional wave tracking, timing, and analysis features in the advanced "A" models means there are even more ways to use the instruments. 

Key Features

•     3 Outputs; total power up to 195W

•     Low Ripple Noise <350 uVrms/2mVpp

•     Fast transient response time: <50 us

•     Channel isolation: CH1 || CH2,CH3

•     OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions

•     3.5 inch TFT Display

Program Description:

1.   The discount rate will be up to 15% off, please contact us for more information.

2.   The program period from July.1 to year end.


 §  Product Information: DP800/A PRG DC PS 

 §  Contact us: Feel free to contact us anytime for more information at promo@rigol.com

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