Introducing New RIGOL Chipset & Technology: Platform Practice of Artisan Spirit 2017-06-14

Jun, 8, 2017, RIGOL Technologies, Inc. a professional test and measurement equipment provider, launched Core chipset (Phoenix) Technology platform (UltraVision II and UltraReal) and related product launches ".

RIGOL dreams of pursuing national rise of electronic test and measurement, our vision is to become a leading international electronic test and measurement equipment business, providing quality products and solutions for customers around the world. RIGOL specialize in electronic test and measurement field, under the first 19 years, never mind beginner's mind, adhere to the "only innovation" the spirit of craftsman, finally breaking the high-end digital Oscilloscopes core chip technology monopoly and break the core chip technology, has filled the domestic gaps in the field of electronic measurement, electronic test and measurement into the advanced ranks in the world, China has taken the first step.


Not forgetting the beginner's mind " RIGOL Chip "

-Phoenix oscilloscope chipset


Chip is the core technology in digital Oscilloscopes, so far none of the domestic enterprise developed digital oscilloscope chipset by their own. Breakthrough the core chip technology on the industry and national development has great significance, RIGOL as China's first digital oscilloscope development, manufacturing enterprises, which has a deep knowledge and understanding, have been living in independent research and development of core chip technology vision. After 10 years of painstaking research and development, this launch event,RIGOL show consists of three chips of "Phoenix"(Phoenix) digital oscilloscope chipset. One of the most brightest star that is the world's most integrated oscilloscope analog front-end chip, codenamed "Beta Phoenicis" ( named for a star in the constellation of Phoenix ).

"Beta Phoenicis" chip bandwidth as high as 4GHz, integrates all functionality required by digital Oscilloscopes analog front end modules, including 1Mohm channel input attenuator can be realized fast and really "quiet" sound switch stalls; due to the chip using a unique circuit design, 1M Ω mode overdrive recovery time reduce to 0.5% of the existing product . The chip need only add a few external components to form a Oscilloscopes analog front-end channels, revealing the " simple is beautiful " system design and greatly improve DSO consistency and reliability. We can say "Beta Phoenicis" is a digital oscilloscope industry "Dream Chip"(dream core).

Other than the analog front-end chip, RIGOL Shows also have 10GSa/s data acquisition capability of oscilloscope signal processing chip, codenamed "Ankaa", as well as bandwidth up to 6GHz differential probe amplifier chip, codenamed "gammaPhoenicis".

"Phoenix" is RIGOL Developed proprietary chipsets. China core chip technology breakthroughs in the field of digital oscilloscope, and RIGOL 19 years digital oscilloscope technology accumulation and 10 year chip research and development into a showcase.


Not forgetting the beginner's mind

 -UltraVision II oscilloscope technology platform

RIGOL As pioneers of the local digital oscilloscope technology over the past 19 years on average every 1.5 years published a leading the digital oscilloscope series. 8 years ago RIGOL brings to the market of digital oscilloscope UltraVision technology platform, products based on the platform in the past few years due to its high refresh rates and comparable to analog Oscilloscopes graded color display technology has won wide acclaim from customers.

This launch RIGOL Brings a whole new UltraVision II technology platform , this innovative platform combines RIGOL latest digital oscilloscope signal processing, data analysis, waveform visualization research, has a high waveform capture rate and real-time hardware filtering technology, full digital triggering technology hardware and memory measurement techniques.

UltraVision II oscilloscope technology platform

This new platform release at the same time, RIGOL Synchronization also revealed a carrying " Phoenix"chipset and UltraVision II technology new digital oscilloscope platform prototype,it has 4 GHz analog bandwidth,20GSa/s real-time sampling rate, its release marks RIGOL global reach 4 GHz Bandwidth digital Oscilloscopes one of the five manufacturers, among the digital oscilloscope technology the first tier.


Not forgetting the beginner's mind

 -UltraReal technical platform for real-time spectrum analyzers

RIGOL In the past 10 years, innovative Spectrum Analyzer technology, through 3 generations of development, today released a new set of UltraReal technical platform for real-time spectrum analyzers. The platform implements a real time measurement, seamless capture transient signals in the bandwidth, and persistence, spectral diagram, PvT Diagram renders the results. The platform also offers a variety of work patterns, patterns for data sharing among, in collaboration with the capture and analysis of complex signals, extend the spectrum analyzer's measurement from frequency domain to time domain and modulation domains.

UltraReal technology platform for the real-time Spectrum Analyzer

RIGOL At the press conference also shows the first UltraReal prototype technology in real-time spectrum analyzers, the appearance marked RIGOL became the fourth in the world, China's first mainstream full function real-time spectrum analyzers measuring instruments manufacturer. It can be expected that the spectrum analyzer market leading real-time spectrum analyzers to the new trend.



Not forgetting the heart of beginner's mind •

 –DL3000 electronic load

This launch, RIGOL Also launched DL3000 series programmable DC electronic load products. The series has a maximum power of 350 w, innovative 5 A/μs slew rate, up to 30 KHz dynamic mode, one of a kind 4.3 inch TFT LCD screen stand out in its class. Its rich graphical display and intuitive menu, will bring electronic load products interactive experience.

DL3000 series programmable electronic load


         This launch show RIGOL Strong technical innovation strength and unwavering belief in the pursuit of excellence, technology platform of products will be listed soon, to provide customers with more excellent electronic test and measurement solutions.

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