Product Description

DG1000Z series function/arbitrary waveform generator is a multi-functional generator that combines many functions in one, including Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Noise Generator, Pulse Generator, Harmonics Generator, Analog/Digital Modulator and Counter.As a multi-functional, high performance and portable generator, it will be a new selection in education, R&D, production tests etc.

Product Features

Standard dual full functional channels which are equivalent to two independent generators. Copy, coupling and track is available to use between two channels. The phase of two channels can be adjusted accurately.

Product Family
Standard Accessories : Standard Accessories : BNC Cable; USB Cable; Quick Guide; Power Cord
Product Documents
File File Size Publish Date
DG1000Z Datasheet 3MB 2016-11-08
DG1000Z User Guide (English) 2MB 2016-11-08
DG1000Z User Guide (Japanese) 7MB 2015-11-02
DG1000Z Quick Guide 2MB 2016-11-08
DG1000Z Programming Guide 2MB 2016-11-08
PA1011 User Guide 1MB 2017-06-14
DG1000Z Series Rack mount Kit Installation Guide 256KB 2015-12-18
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