Product Description

DSG3000 is a high performance RF signal generator which ranges from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz. It is designed for the customers who works in the application about Wireless Communication, Radar test, Audio/Video Broadcasting, General Purpose, Education, Consumer Electronics etc. DSG3000 provides low phase noise, high output power, excellent level accuracy, variety of analog, digital IQ and pulse modulations for RF Receiver test and measurements.

Product Features

DSG3000 can generate variety of signals: RF signal with frequency up to 6GHz, some low frequency general purpose waveforms, Frequency sweep and amplitude sweep signal. It also provides power meter controller for system calibration.

Product Family
Standard Accessories : Standard Accessories : Quick Guide(Print copy);Resource CD(User Guide,Programming Guide);Power cord
Product Documents
File File Size Publish Date
DSG3000 Series Datasheet 6MB 2017-08-03
DSG3000 Series User Guide 2MB 2017-03-20
DSG3000 Series Quick Guide 1MB 2013-10-08
DSG3000 Series Programming Guide 3MB 2015-05-28
I/Q Modulation Datasheet 2MB 2013-10-30
I/Q Modulation Programming Guide 447KB 2013-10-09
DSG3000 Series Rack mount Kit Installation Guide 173KB 2016-01-22
DSG3000 Option Installation Guide (OCXO) 183KB 2013-10-08
RF Adaptor Kit User Guide 179KB 2014-06-14
RF CATV Kit User Guide 113KB 2014-04-09
RF Attenuator Kit User Guide 81KB 2014-10-20
RF Cable Kit User Guide 103KB 2014-04-09
RX1000 Application Note 696KB 2013-09-02
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