Product Description

DS4000E series is a general-purpose economical oscilloscope with high performance. Its bandwidth ranges from 100MHz to 200MHz, with the sample rate up to 2GSa/s, and the memory depth up to 14Mpts for each channel. It is designed to meet the large demand of the mainstream digital oscilloscope market for the design, debugging, and testing purposes. Its high cost-efficiency has injected new vitality into the economical oscilloscope market, providing more options for low-cost test measurement programs.

Product Family
Standard Accessories : Standard Accessories: PVP2350 350MHz passive probes for each channel; USB cable; Front panel cover; Power cord; Quick Guide;
Product Documents
File File Size Publish Date
DS4000E Datasheet 4MB 2016-08-29
DS4000E User Guide 4MB 2016-08-29
DS4000E Quick Guide 1MB 2016-08-08
DS4000E Programming Guide 4MB 2016-08-31
DS4000E Series Rack mount Kit Installation Guide 2016-07-19
RP3300A User Guide 2016-07-19
PVP2350 User Guide 325KB 2016-09-05
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